What we do:

House United lives to revolutionize the role of religion in the American democracy. Christianity has been a divisive force, throwing gas on the flame of American political polarization. House United wants to change that — to help Americans and people around the world learn how to come together across perspective difference for the common good.

Courageous Conversations

House United helps individuals and groups engage the most divisive issues of our day in robust and civil conversations. We do this by teaching polarized people new habits of tolerance, mutual respect, mutual learning, and collaboration. On topics ranging from from the political (e.g., immigration, size of government, gun control/freedom) to theological (the origins of evil, the Bible and homesexuality, the role of women in churches), we create generative, constructive conversations between people who disagree. 

Christian Mingle

House United helps put church groups with conflicting perspectives know the humanity of their political opponents. We do this by inviting them to come together doing work (like building Habitat houses or feeding people at food shelters) or play (block parties, study tours, building robust health, and playing sports) that they would normally do separately.

Interfaith Engagement

House United invites rabbis, imams, and other religious  leaders to cultivate mutual understanding between the diverse forms of their faith communities. We do this differently than most interfaith workers’ way of engaging. There are many others (rightly and blessedly) bringing Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others together in prayer and service. HU works to make a unifying instinct contagious throughout the American religious community. 

Mission 4.0

House United invites faith communities who are learning the habits and skills of engagement across difference outward to help a divided world. We do this by encouraging faith community leaders to seek the shalom of their village or city. We imagine a time when churches and other worship centers become the go-to place for learning how to have fruitful perspective-diverse conversations about important matters. All of this will, in time, develop a new collaborative, community-building habit in this divided land.


Rev. Dr. Allen R. Hilton, Ph.D.

The Founder and Leader of House United

After teaching perspective-diverse groups as a professor at Yale and a pastor in churches across the U.S., Allen now moves all of his energy toward “bringing people together across difference for the common good.”  In demand as a speaker, Allen’s book, A House United — How the Church Can Save the World, is a manifesto for the House United Movement. He lives in Austin, TX, with his wife Liz, their teen sons Sam and Isaac, and their labradoodle Watson.