The Yale Center for Faith and Culture and House United have teamed up to launch the “50 States of Joy” preaching campaign. This April through August, preachers from around the nation and the world will proclaim joy from their wide variety of perspectives to their wide variety of congregations.

Joy explodes off the pages of the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, in spite of the circumstances that face the author (imprisoned by the Roman magistrates) and audience (“suffering” and “struggling” in the face of “opposition” from their non-Christian neighbors). Allen Hilton has prepared a Bible Study to support the “50 States of Joy” campaign, called “Joy – A Study of Paul’s Philippians.” It guides the learner, the small-group leader, or the class teacher through the letter in six sessions, tracking the central theme of joy. Enjoy!

50 States of Joy: A Preaching Series

Download pdf: HU – Joy Bible Study – 50 States and YCFC