What we do:

House United lives to revolutionize the role of religion in the American democracy. Christianity has been a divisive force, throwing gas on the flame of American political polarization. House United wants to change that — to make a Christian habit of bringing people together across difference for the common good.


Mission One — Telling the Good Stories

House United lifts up people and communities who are quietly getting it right. When we bring people together across difference for the common good — and this happens a lot —news reports rarely report it. We work to publicize the good unifying work people are doing across the nation. These will appear on our Heroes page of this website — and in the media more and more frequently.


Mission Two — Helping Us Get Better

House United also works to change the bad habit the church and the nation have of dividing and shutting down relationship because of our differences, rather than capitalizing on them. We work with everyone from families and churches to schools, governors and legislatures to develop a new collaborative, community-building habit. Our hope is to help build a religious, racial, and political culture that works.


Rev. Dr. Allen R. Hilton, Ph.D.

The Founder and Leader of House United

After working to bring people together across difference teaching Bible as a professor (at Yale Divinity School and, before that, St. Mary’s College of California) and a minister (in New Canaan, CT, Seattle, WA, and Wayzata, MN), Allen now devotes all his work to that end.  In demand as a speaker, Allen is currently writing a book that will be a manifesto for the House United Movement.  He lives in Austin, TX, with his wife Liz, their teen and tween sons Sam and Isaac, and their labradoodle Watson.